Kosmogonia is a pagan folk melodic death metal band that is originated in Athens ,Greece.


It was founded by Kostas Magalios on vocals and guitars and Christos Drossos on guitars in 2015.


In the beginning, the band used to play melodic thrash metal ,but that was until the year of 2017,when the line up was completely changed and Kostas decided that the band should follow a different music style. And so they started to add on their music more folk elements.


In the year 2015 Kosmogonia released their first demo song “Fallen Pegasus” while at the same period ,took part in quite a few music festivals and lives.


In 2017 with a fresh new line up, Kosmogonia released their second demo song entitled “Triiris” which was also the cause ,that the band transformed their sound and style completely ,and from then on ,they would be established as a pagan folk melodic death metal band.


In 2019 the band released their third demo song with the title “Elysian Fields”. That was the first time that they used female vocals with Johanna Galani as the female singer.


Same year later, the final line up was formed and goes as follows . Kostas Magalios on the male Vocals and Guitars, Maya Kampaki on the female Vocals, Dimitris Poulos on the Bass, Odysseus Poulos on the Keys, Ismini Vasileiou on the Flute and Spiros Alexandropoulos on the Drums .


On the 23th of June 2020 Kosmogonia released their first official video clip for the song “Raven's Call” and on the 7th of July same year the band released their first official full length album with the title “Enthrone the Gods” in which ,the song “Raven's Call” is also included, as well as the new versions of the songs “Triiris” and “Elysian Fields”.


The album was released worldwide from the independent Music Label Cronus Productions.

In 2021 the bass player Dimitris Poulos ,as well as the drummer Spiros Alexandropoulos ,had to go on separate ways from the band. Petros Detsikas ,and Nick Teteris joined the band as the new members of the family .

Kosmogonia are currently working on new material for their next album.